From Practical Sailor, December 2003

Where Credit Is Due

To Kappa Sails, Westbrook, CT: “Kappa Sails are the heart of our Mason 33’s upgraded sail system. They significantly improve our boat’s performance and handling. They are stunning - so much so that other boats often change course to hail us and inquire, “Who made them?”

“But that is not the full story. One year after the sails were installed Kappa Sails called to report evidence was developing that the Kevlar-reinforced material that had been used to make out genoa had a manufacturer’s defect. Loft owner, Clarke Bassett, made an appointment to inspect the sail himself, and together we determined that premature loss of shape had begun to take place. Clarke even brought a camera to document the change. Rather than try to prorate my year’s use of the sail (as some sailmakers would do), and rather that waiting for the fabric manufacturer to settle Kappa’s claim with them (as some would do), Kappa offered to replace at no charge. Several attempts on my part to compensate him in some way for his trouble were refused, and a new, equally beautiful and functional sail was delivered and installed on the boat at no cost. Since then, the genoa and main have continued to meet and exceed our every expectation., We strongly recommend Kappa sails to anyone wanting the best in quality and customer support.”

David Holton, La Grange, IL

Quite honestly, Mr. Holton, we see no other way of doing business!