Repair Services Includes:


Spreader patch

Retro-fit hank on sails to furling system

Storm or high wind damage

Add a foam luff pad to enhance your furling system

Any rip, tear or worn area should be addressed immediately

Maintenance and other services:

Sail washing – we offer an innovative service of pressure washing your sail -

Annual Sail inspection

Winter storage – we will store your sails for the winter in a environmentally controlled environment.

Kappa Sails can dispatch our professional team to remove and/or bend on your sails.

As a new service Kappa Sails is offering the services of Sea-It-Be-It – Clarke Bassett will board your boat, video tape an afternoon sail, and offer a specific analysis of your sail trimming techniques.

Kappa Sails looks for opportunities to solve any of your boating needs – so if you have a specific need – talk to us – we have made custom hiking straps, jack straps and even a car cover for a land lubber's pride and joy!