Kappa Sails Our History:

Clarke Bassett established Kappa Sails in in Westbrook, CT in 1996 and has been making premium sails for cruising and racing sailors ever since. Clarke has over 30 years experience designing and building quality sails for customers across the country and beyond. He started with Sobstad sailmakers in the early 80’s and ten years later developed his first patent and assisted in the development of the first tri-radial sail while working for Hild sailmakers.

In 1987 Clarke sailed with and designed sails for Dennis Conner and the America’s Cup boat, Stars and Stripes.

In 2009, Clarke decided to pursue some other interests and began the search for someone to team with which culminated in the sale of the loft in 2010 to Brian Ward. A key to this agreement was Clarke’s desire to continue remain active every day at the loft and continue developing new sails and custom designing sails for Kappa Sails - Clarke has a passion for sailing and a wealth of experience.

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